BAT 200
Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Photography for the project BAT 200 (celebrating the shipowner 70th and the boat 130th birthday), which consisted of the circumnavigation of Italy aboard the classic yacht from 1889 'BAT'. The design for the mark and logotype is inspired by classic nautical paintings and illustrations and by typefaces found on hulls and sterns of traditional yachts.
OCHIE incorporates the laid back glamour of the Caribbean and mixes it with the simple and yet sophisticated aesthetic of vintage resorts. Each season development focuses on fit, design and gorgeous custom prints, using fabrics sourced from European mills. OCHIE’s brand identity combines a classic women’s swimwear look with a clean and contemporary design.
Creating the brand identity for the green design boutique ‘Irene’, the aim was to build a clean, minimalist, and practical visual vocabulary to discreetly match the selection of flowers, plants and items offered by Irene Cuzzaniti, Founder of the boutique. The materials and color palette utilized also want to convey the simple, yet sophisticated beauty of the composition craft.
242 Broome
Branding, collateral, and sales center displays for the new residential development in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.
Museo Civico Cremasco
The “Museo civico di Crema e del cremasco” approached us to realize a virtual tour for their collection. We’ve created a custom digital platform to host dedicated graphics, custom HTML skins and interactive info sheets, guiding the users through the various environments of the museum. This project aims to be an important enrichment in the museum’s assets and archival system.
Italian Supper Club
Founded in London in 2011, Italian Supper Club is a bespoke Catering company with the purpose of providing their London clients with the warm environment and great food and wine you can find on an Italian table. The brand identity, stationary and website design wants to reflect the simple, genuine and high quality ingredients of both Mediterranean food and ISC experience, with a victorian twist, tribute to its adoptive city.
We believe in the potential of virtual contents and immersive storytelling as a marketing, education and entertainment tool for the future. Our aim is to continue to research, experiment and produce new forms of communication linked to VR and 360° images. A contemporary and nostalgic reinterpretation of digital branding from the 90’s.
8000 RPM
The second project in collaboration with 8000 Eyewear, inspired by riding motorcycles, friendship and adventures on two wheels.
8000 Metri
Brand Identity for 8000 Eyewear and production of the video and the imagery for its first collection "8000 Metri", inspired by the mountaineers of the 1930’s. Video realized in collaboration with 100+me. Sunglasses photos by Francesco Bertelli. Illustrations by Elsa Jenna.
Identity for the Association of Architecture School Librarians (AASL). The association primary objectives are to advance academic architectural librarianship, to develop and enhance the role of architecture school librarians in the advancement of architectural education, and to promote a spirit of cooperation among members of the profession.
Barnaby Jones
Founded by Kate Barnaby and Sam Jones in 2012, Barnaby Jones NYC is a sartorial leather bow ties manufacturer. The brand identity designed for them needed to express both their traditional and unconventional approach to fashion.
8000 Pouch
Video and photos illustrating the production of the 8000 Pouch, crafted with the finest genuine leather in Brooklyn NY, by Roy and his artisans.
Book Covers
A collection of book covers and book series designed for Rizzoli and other clients while working at Mucca Design.